Helping Hands Doula and Birth Services

Welcome and congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child! This is such an exciting and magical time in your life and my goal is to support you along the way. I am passionate about childbirth and want to help you look back on this special time and remember it with joy.

Some of the services I provide are:

About Julie

I am a lover of birth and empowering women to have the birth they desire. I became passionate about birth as I was preparing for the birth of my own daughter. I wanted to learn all that I could about birth and really wanted to cherish the moment of bringing her into this world. I fell in love with The Bradley Method® and birthing my daughter naturally was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. Bringing a new life into this world is a gift that we as women are so privileged to do.

My background begins with massage therapy and prenatal massage. I have worked as a massage therapist for over 12 years so my knowledge of the body is extensive. I have used relaxation and meditation practices in my professional and personal life so I feel comfortable in assisting you with physical and emotional relaxation techniques. While working with many pregnant women, I received education as a doula and have learned many techniques that will help support you through your labor and delivery. I am also a retired La Leche League Leader so I can help to support you in your breastfeeding experience.

Most recently, I have been trained as an educator for The Bradley Method® and I teach classes regularly. The Bradley Method® is a form of childbirth education that focuses on birthing naturally and also teaching your partner to coach you and fully support you as you birth your baby. To learn more about it, click here.

Doula Services

The word doula comes from the ancient Greek and it means “a woman who serves”. A doula is trained in labor and birth support.

I see birth as a beautiful, natural process that is one of the most empowering and joyful events in a woman’s life; in a couple’s life. A birth doula is there to support you as you take this journey from being a woman to becoming a mother; from being a couple to becoming parents. I believe every woman should feel supported, cherished, and loved during this very special time. My goal as your doula is to help you look back on this “birth” day and remember it with joy and sweetness.

The role of a doula is different with every woman and every birth depending upon her needs. Some of the ways I can support you include encouragement, massage or counterpressure, suggestions for position changes, relaxation techniques, visualization techniques, aromatherapy, hot/cold compresses, refilling water bottles, and helping to explain procedures. I may also help support your partner so that your partner can be your number one support. As your doula, I do not take the place of your partner; I will support both of you.

I am a huge proponent of natural childbirth, however I am happy to support you in whatever your ideal birth plan may be. I am comfortable working in a hospital setting, birth center, or a home birth. Many times birth is uncomplicated, but sometimes unexpected events occur and I can support you should anything deviate from your birth plan. I look forward with joy and gratitude to the opportunity to serve and support you in this incredible journey.

My doula services include:

  • Free initial consultation
  • 1-2 prenatal visits
  • Continuous support during your labor and birth
  • Immediate postpartum support after the birth
  • 1 postpartum visit 7-10 days after the birth
  • Unlimited phone/email support
  • Access to my library of birth and parenting books

Birth doula services are $450. I require a $250 deposit once you decide to hire me and then I am on call for you. The balance can be paid any time up until 38 weeks. Discounts apply when also combined with childbirth education classes.

Childbirth Classes

The Bradley Method® is a method of childbirth education that gives you all the information and training necessary to have a natural childbirth. It will also teach your partner to be your best support as you birth your baby. Dr. Bradley used to say that you wouldn’t decide to run a marathon with no training at all, and the same goes for childbirth. It helps to have training and practice to have a natural childbirth. I look forward to sharing these techniques and teaching you to have the natural birth you desire.

The Bradley Method® is a 12 week childbirth education class series. The reasons for why we meet for 12 weeks are many, however one of the most important is taking the time to prepare your body, mind and emotions for this beautiful event in your lives. At the end of the 12 weeks you will feel strong, confident and ready to birth your baby naturally. In the series, we cover the following topics and we also build upon previous topics and practice relaxation techniques weekly.

  • Class 1 – Exercise
  • Class 2 – Nutrition
  • Class 3 – Pregnancy and Gestation
  • Class 4 – The Coach’s Role
  • Class 5 – Introduction to First Stage Labor
  • Class 6 – Introduction to Second Stage Labor
  • Class 7 – Planning Your Birth
  • Class 8 – Variations and Unexpected Situations
  • Class 9 – Advanced First Stage Techniques
  • Class 10 – Advanced Second Stage Techniques
  • Class 11 – Being A Great Coach
  • Class 12 – Preparing For Your New Family

The total investment is $325. This includes the 12 week series, class workbook, access to the student center at, and access to my personal library of birth, breastfeeding and parenting books.

Classes start regularly. Please call for details: 321-223-5468. Classes are held at my home in Indialantic, or at a centralized location in the Melbourne area, depending on class size.

I look forward to supporting you in this exciting journey!


Midwives and Obstetricians

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Birth Resources

ICAN - International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc.

The Bradley Method®
Breastfeeding Support

Space Coast La Leche League
Website: Email:
775-800-MILK (775-800-6455)
Facebook Group
1st Monday 9:30am Cocoa
2nd Thursday 10am West Melb
3rd Monday 9:30am Suntree
4th Monday 6:30pm Melbourne

La Leche League of Titusville
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Meeting: 3rd Tuesday - 7:00 pm

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Cape Canaveral Hospital Lactation Consultant
Laene Keith, MA, CCC/SLP, IBCLC
Donna O'Brien, RN, IBCLC
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Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
321- 799-7151
Meeting: Fridays - 1 pm

Wuesthoff Medical Systems Melbourne Lactation Consultant
Felicia Bonner, RNC, CBE, IBCLC
250 N. Wickham Rd.
Melbourne, FL. 32935
Meeting: Monday - 10:30 am

Holmes Regional Medical Center Lactation Consultants
Kathy Taylor, RN, IBCLC
Sascha Bartlet, RN
Sherry Stout, RN, IBCLC
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WIC Lactation Consultant
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